• Smart scaffoldings

    Smart scaffoldings many characteristics, features, add-featured, worth your attention if you are going to upgrade the system in warehouse storage shelves.

    Smart scaffoldings

    Smart scaffoldings increased storage capacity worldwide, is widely used in almost all industries, manufacturing, freight hubs ... request access to the cargo pallet quickly without having to move the Other cargo pallet.

    Smart scaffoldings


    Structure of shelves:
    * Legs office: omega (Ω)
    * Thanh beam: Z
    * Front shelf: use cross bar, tole tray, grilles, plywood, MDF, okal ...
    * Weight: 1500 - 6000kg / floor (depending on beam supports of the bar)
    * Length 4000mm shelves 1150mm-
    Features of shelves:
    * Modes of pickup: forklift kinds
    * Easily adjust the bar beam matching storage demand
    * The length shelf from 1150 - 3600mm (load decreases with height) store tons of fertilizers not worried about storage space of the shelf.
    * The choice of goods reached 100%
    * Can be combined with many other shelves repository created to diversify its mix of warehouse space


    Smart scaffoldings

    Applications warehouse shelves:
    * Use a mixture of storage
    * Use store warehouse, factory, goods storage center
    * For other industrial warehouse ...


    Smart scaffoldings

    Intelligent Shelf's warehouse containing pallets, shelves, brings diversity in the choice of goods to the store, high load, easy entry and quick upgrades and fit all kinds of imported goods.

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