• Spare Parts Shelves Warehouse

    Spare parts shelves warehouse used spare parts storage, to improve the ability to store goods and materials in stock management and storage of goods is better.

    Spare parts shelves warehouse, industrial shelves

    Wire shelving replacement parts, longspan shelving system

    Spare parts shelves warehouse to meet the needs of the industrial parts sector, the storage system must provide quick and easy access to parts at all times. Vinarack is a manufacturer with many years of experience and technical capability unmatched meet the storage requirements of customers.
    Spare parts shelves warehouse
    Spare parts shelves warehouse
    Spare parts shelves warehouse provide long-term improvements in efficiency - solutions-oriented activities to reduce cost, and custom components, all from a single source. Used across the country, providing intelligent solutions and reliable storage for mission spares. Quality, innovation and customer orientation are the main factors that guide us to develop and create new products and systems.
    Spare parts shelves warehouse
    Spare parts shelves warehouse
    Spare parts shelves warehouse suitable for the storage of spare parts, maintenance rooms and products are provided for lots Vinarack in companies, factories, manufacturing plants, logistics centers, warranty maintenance services motorcycles, cars...
    Spare parts shelves warehouse
    Spare parts shelves warehouse
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    Name: Bao Chanh Jsc., 

    Brand: Vinarack

    Slogan: Storage Solutions 

    Address: No. 3, Street 40, Block 8, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc District, HCMC, Vietnam.

    Tel/Fax: (84-28) 37 262 606

    Sale Department: 0903 812 187 (Kim Chi), 0912 404 977 (Thúy Hà)

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    Hotline: 0909 787 797

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    Web: http://www.vinarack.vn

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