• Supermarket Shelving

    Supermarket shelving priority on lightweight design aesthetic withstand loads better, the more damage during use can be replaced easily. Distance can lift up the floor or lowered.

    Supermarket shelving Vinarack high quality standard FEM

    Gondola retail display shelving, gondola shelving dimensions

    Supermarket shelving is a great choice for different goods store any supermarkets, shopping centers, retail stores including computers, toys, electronics, office equipment, supplies... Also its durability and effectiveness of this shelf can to maximize storage space.


    Supermarket shelving
    Supermarket shelving

    Supermarket shelving features easy adjustment. You do not need to change the ground to avoid wasting more money instead can simply resize the shelf, height adjustment, this will allow retailers to display products more, giving them more profitable.


    Supermarket shelving
    Supermarket shelving


    How to determine the necessary size of Supermarket shelving:
    After determining the entire layout of the stores, as well as all kinds of supermarket shelves available for use, now is the time for retailers to learn about the appropriate size of the shelf they should have been. This includes the length, height, width and weight.
    - Height : a retailer should not depend on the height of the ceiling, and to let customers feel comfortable approaching the goods from particular height. Some consumers may feel claustrophobic when there is a very high number of supermarket shelves in stores. Retailers should also be noted that some consumers may want to see the other shelves contain other items, but if the shelf is too high will cause inconvenience to the consumer, this can not be good.
    - Width: is essential for all the shelves because it will maximize the goods can be stored, as well as it can provide balance to the entire rack.
    - Length : The length of the store is the basis for the length of the shelf. The length can be up to 2m
    - Load capacity: from 50kg-150kg / layer
    Supermarket shelving
    Supermarket shelving
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