• Luggage trolleys

    Luggage trolleys beautiful shape, compact, moving at a fast pace and dedicated to the needs cargo, baggage ... in many different terrains.

    Luggage trolleys are widely used in many fields of cargo, luggage, small package ... at airports, bus stations, commercial centers, warehouses and workshops. With smart design, flexible product characteristics possessed versatile, satisfying the needs of the user in all cases.

    Luggage trolleys

    General description:
    * Brand: Vinarack
    * Models: push hands and foldable.
    * Wheels: diameter 100 mm.
    * Dimensions: 740mm x width 485mm long.
    * Handle Height: 860mm.
    * Weight: 150-300 kg.
    * Color: blue, red, gray ...


    Luggage trolleys

    Wheelchair Features:
    * Move quickly
    * Saves: cost, time, labor ...
    * Folded when not in use
    * Long-term use, warranty up to 7 years


    Luggage trolleys

    Name: Bao Chanh Jsc., 

    Brand: Vinarack

    Slogan: Storage Solutions 

    Address: No. 3, Street 40, Block 8, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc District, HCMC, Vietnam.

    Tel/Fax: (84-28) 37 262 606

    Sale Department: 0903 812 187 (Kim Chi), 0912 404 977 (Thuy Ha)

    Hotline: 0909 787 797

    Email: l@vinarack.vnt@vinarack.vncontact@vinarack.vn


    Web: http://www.vinarack.vn

    Very pleased to serve you!

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