• Drive in racks

    Drive in racks adapt flexibly in all modes of hosting, dedicated, utilities and other many advantages Vietnam

    Drive in racks


    Drive in racks


    Drive in racks


     Drive in racks with the following key advantages with the most appropriate form Logistics warehousing, industrial warehouses:

    * This solution requires low investment cost but space in warehouse pallet high

    * Use up area, warehouse space

    * The advantage of using diverse kinds of forklift

    * Can be designed with solutions "FIFO or LIFO" depending on demand or as storage depots for large products of the same category.

    * Racking Drive in suitable storage in many areas: the food industry, fisheries, dry warehouses, cold storage...

    * Storage goods of high density

    * Reduce the walkway area for forklifts

    * The choice of goods 30%

    * Structure sure shelves, according to criteria FEM safety

    * Installation easy, quick

    * Each rail may be designed to be from 1- 8 pallets or more, the height of the vehicle can be from 2 to 6 floors rail.

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