• Long Span Shelving Second Hand

    Long span shelving second hand is a system of extended storage shelves, storage of goods varied in size and shape. Used in many industries, supermarkets, shopping centers.

    Long Span Shelving Second Hand, Industrial Shelving

    Long span shelving second hand is a storage shelf system was extended, containing many small goods with high density loads from 200-500kg per shelf or floor is designed up to 800kg each layer depending on the volume of goods stored.
    Long span shelving second hand
    Long span shelving second hand 
    Long span shelving second hand easy assembly and installation, removal or relocation of goods suitable access manually. Widely used in the electrical industry, light industry, supermarkets and the cultural industries and education ... Colors varied shelving racks, depending on your choice.
    Long span shelving second hand
    Long span shelving second hand 
    With a production line of modern technology, as well as labor force experience meets our warehouse storage needs of customers at home and abroad with the most competitive price.
    Video Long span shelving second hand 
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